Wonderful everyday life

The relationship with nature that the northern people have remains exceptionally strong even in the current day.

We get strength and courage from nature. Nature itself has also created the best and most elegant ways for cocooning and protecting ourselves, whether it is a question of the relaxing hours of the night or of being active.

The down-soft bedding and coats by Joutsen Finland are a combination of style, lightness and a comfortable feel. The products weigh next to nothing, yet their ability to absorb heat generated by the human body is strong and balanced.

We feel that it is wonderful for a person to wake up refreshed for a new day. When outdoors, people should move with sufficiently warm garments protecting them, but without carrying unnecessary weight. We think that our everyday life should be good, easy to care for, and based on sustainable consumption.

You deserve your fluffy and always perfectly warm down duvet. You can care for your duvet over and over again, as waterfowl down is partial to water and washing!

You deserve your timelessly elegant Joutsen coat, which protects you in cold weather in a more natural way than any other material could.

Make your daily life lighter with naturally pure experiences!