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How to identify a high-quality down coat?

There are down coats and then there are down coats. There are old-fashioned thick, dusty and feather-bursting coats, and then there are modern, fitted and fashionable top-quality coats. Making the good ones is a skill where experience is truly an asset. Purchasing a good-quality down coat is also always an investment in winters to come.

But how to tell which coat is of good quality and which is a potboiler? Do this:

 1. Feel the down filling in your hand. Good-quality down filling feels soft in the hand, does not contain any feathers, and returns quickly to its original form after you compress it.

 2. Check the down/feather mixture ratio of the filling. The best filling is 100% down, because it is the lightest, warmest and most durable filling...

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Not only does the good design and sizing of a down coat show; most of all it can be felt

The home and roots of Joutsen down coats is in Finland and the Nordic countries.

The purity of nature and the clear variation between the seasons are the central Finnish characteristics that have functioned as the basis for the design of the Joutsen coats.

The clarity and timelessness of Scandinavian design and patterning guarantee an exceptionally long useful life for your down coat. The same classic characteristics are definitely also taken into consideration in all the choices of material...

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